Our School Prayers

Our school prayer has been written by the children of Cross Club. We say our school prayer during Worship Assemblies. 

School Prayer


Dear God,

We open the doors of our school and invite you in.

Fill our school with love, and our minds with learning.

Fill our hearts with joy, and our friendships with kindness.

Fill our lessons with fun, and our classrooms with peace.

Help us to have love for each other, and to forgive one another. 

Be with our friends and teachers, and help us to live and grow together.


During celebration assembly on Friday we share a prayer that has been written by a member of our school community or visitor that week. 

Class Prayer

At the start of each academic year, each year group write their own prayer which is shared during reflection time and at the end of every school day. Please click on the links to see them. 


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Lunch time Prayer

At the start of family dining at lunch times we all say a prayer together.

Prayer Group

Prayer Group

Being a church of England school we recognise the importance of prayer in the daily life of the school. 

Anyone can come along to our informal monthly prayer meeting which takes place in the small hall at 9am on the first Monday of the month and lasts for about 1/2 hour. 

Although we work within a Christian framework for prayer we are sensitive to those from who hold different beliefs or come from a non-faith background and warmly welcome anyone who wants to come along.

For more information feel free to email jenny at jenny.biglands@shipley.bradford.sch.uk 

Our Prayer Tree

We have a Prayer Tree outside the school office which allows children of all faiths to write down their prayer and hang on the tree.

Children are asked to write down their prayer on a label, hang it on the tree, then members of Cross Club and the Parents Monthly Prayer Group will collect the prayers and pray for the situation.

Cross Club

Children within the school came up with this idea to hold a regular prayer group for children only.

Further information to follow