The Gambia.

We work with the Gambian Schools Trust to increase educational opportunity for children in The Gambia.

Steve and Hilary visited school and spoke with the children about how their life would be if they lived in The Gambia. You can get a sense of the talk from the photos below.


Gambian Schools Trust-Newsletter -

The video link below shows Beechdale Energy installing solar panels at our partner school, Sinchu Njabo, in The Gambia. The company also installed the battery we supplied.

October 2011. Can you help? You certainly did! Thank you for your fantastic support.

We hope to send as many pencil cases as possible in the Gambian Schools Trust (GST) sea container, which leaves the UK at the end of October. These will be taken into our partner school, Sinchu Njabo, when Mr Travis visits at Easter 2012.


How can you help?

  • Donate a simple, clear pencil case (Asda?/Wilkinsons stock them for around 50p)
  • Donate 50p and we will go and buy lots of pencil cases!
  • Donate pencils, coloured pencils, rulers, rubbers that children need for work in school (Asda sell 50 coloured pencils for £1)
  • Donate a pencil case containing some or all of the above items
  • Donate a little of your time to help us create as many fully stocked pencil cases as possible
Children in school using the plastic bottle tops donated by families from Shipley CE Primary School.

Follow Mr Travis on the Leeds/Liverpool canal cycle

ride here -

Fundraising Ride - Mr Travis and the 127.5 mile Leeds/Liverpool canal cycle ride - Gambia.pdf

Download a sponsor form here- Gambiasponsor.pdf

The Gambian Schools Trust. Latest Newsletter - Spring 2011.pdf

Our partner school in The Gambia is Sinchu Njabo Basic Cycle School.