Catch up Spending

Following the closure of schools in March 2020 until September 2020, the government have provided schools with additional funding (catch up fund) to support pupils returning to school and to mitigate lost learning. Schools are receiving £80 per pupil. The total for Shipley CE Primary School is £15.440.


The school has thought carefully about how this spending is best allocated. Following EEF guidance a tiered approach has been planned.


Objective 1 of C.S & A.F

Objective 2 of C.S & A.F

Objective 3 of C.S & A.F

To mitigate the lost learning of the past by understanding the impact of summer 2019 and putting in place rapid interventions to fix this though gap analysis and quality first teaching.

Ensuring schools are delivering routine, high quality, and broad and balanced curriculum to prepare students for the curriculum beyond January 2021 and for the summer 2021 exam series

Ensuring that the curriculum being delivered in school is also able to be delivered as robustly and consistently for any child, class or school facing a national or local lockdown


EEF+ Tiered Approach to supporting school planning for 2020-2021

 TeachingExplicit teaching, Scaffolding, Cognitive and Metacognitive strategies, Flexible grouping, Diagnostic ongoing assessment

Targeted support: 1:1 small group tuition and intervention, additional adult support, academic tutoring (NTP), SEND support, specific subject catch up programmes.

Wider strategies: Pupils, social emotional and behavioural needs, Social emotional learning curriculum, attendance, communication and support, practices with parents and stakeholders. 

Transition to long term curriculum: Curriculum review undertaken at appropriate level in relation to, Key concepts clarified and sequentially planned, curriculum reflection established in academy planning.


Please click here to view our Covid-catch up action plan and here to see an overview of strategies.