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Please note that we have nursery places available. Please call the office on 01274 583900. Have a look at our remote learning leaflet for parents within policies.

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Wider school re-Opening - SEPTEMBER

On this page you will find all the information you need to prepare your child/children for returning to school on the 7th September. Please visit our learning tab to view details of our 4 stage curriculum which has been carefully planned to support our children returning to school following a long period away. There are also details about how this links closely with our long term school curriculum. It is important that we work together as a community during this period of change. Safety is our priority and you can find our re-opening risk assessment on the home tab for details about school organisation. 

Each class has their own personalised leaflet which detail start and finish times and which gate to arrive and collect from. Visit our attendance policy for more information regarding attendance. You will also find information about school uniform (including PE uniform) and equipment requirements. There is also information about breakfast and after school club facilities

Start and finish times have been staggered in line with national guidance. This is to ensure social distancing is possible and zones and bubbles do not mix. We ask that only 1 parent accompanies their child to reduce the number of adults around the school grounds. Prompt arrival will support a quick turnaround. 

Please click on your child's class to view leaflets. Each leaflet is printable. 

 Reception    Year 1      Year 2      Year 3     Year 4      Year 5     Year 6 

Click here for the link to the transition booklets showing pictures of your classroom, cloakroom, entrance etc. 

Arrival and Collection

Parents are asked to arrive promptly for the time that they have been allocated. At the start of the day the class will be invited into the school grounds to meet their class teacher. We ask parents to wait on the playground marked allocated spaces when invited by the member of staff on the gate and leave as soon as their child is with their class and settled. This is to limit the number of people and maximise space. During collection, parents will be invited to enter the school grounds at their allotted time and will be required to stand on a marked space. Classes will be brought into the playground and your child will be sent to you. Please do not approach the class. Once you have been reunited with your child, we ask you to leave promptly. 

Start and Finish times


Start time

End time


Reception 8.45,

Nursery 9.00am



Top gate

Year 1 8.45

Year 2 9.00

Year 1- 2.45pm

Year 2- 3.00pm

Main gate

Year 3- 8.45

Year 4 9.00

Year 3- 2.45pm

Year 4- 3.00pm

Top gate- Yr 5 Main Gate -Y6

Year 5- 9.15

Year 6- 9.15

Year 5- 3.15pm

Year 6- 3.15pm

New to school?

 Welcome to all our new children and families joining us for the first time. We recognise that for some pupils their first day at school may be a bit worrying. Reception and nursery children have been given staggered start days and times to enable staff to give as much 1-1 attention as possible. When you arrive at school you will be asked to stand on your waiting spot and you will be called individually to come into school. 1 parent can accompany their child but must wear a face covering and hand sanitize on entry. We ask that you encourage your child to enter without you but if this is not possible we are able to invite you into the classroom, socially distanced from the other children until your child is settled. Please be patient and allow extra waiting time to support us in managing this very important first step for your child. If your child struggles to settle we continue to offer 1-1 bespoke plans with you and your family to ensure a smooth transition. Please talk to your class teacher or EYFS leader Mrs Bowers if you are worried. We are here to help. 

Lunch times and play times

Lunches are provided and ordered as normal (Click here for more details). Pupils who wish to bring a packed lunch are able to do so. We ask that these are brought in a named, wipe clean, container or throw away bag. Reception, Year 5 and Year 6 will eat in the school dining hall at separate times. All other year groups will eat their lunch in their classroom. Play times and lunchtimes are staggered so that bubbles can play in separate zones. Playground equipment is allocated to each bubble and is cleaned at the end of each day. 


Pupils should not bring any equipment into school. All learning equipment is provided and cleaned during and at the end of the school day. Pupil's do not need book bags. We have clear guidelines regarding reading books and each pupil will be provided with a wipe able zip wallet to transport books to and from home. All books will be quarantined on return to school before being allocated to a different child. We ask that you only bring your child's reading book to school on the days they will be changed. Books maybe changed less often. Your class teacher will advise you of this day. You can provide your child with a water bottle. This must have their name on it and it will be kept in school to be sterilized at the end of each day. PE kit is expected. If your child is in years reception ,Year 1 or Year 2, please make sure that they bring their PE kit in a bag with their name on it. Children will be allocated changing areas within their classroom. Changing for PE is part of the curriculum for younger children and our aim is to provide a balanced curriculum during this time.PE kits must returned home at the end of the day and be washed. KS2 children can come to school in their PE kit on their allotted days. 

Face covering

Face coverings are not mandatory in primary schools. Children under the age of 11 do not need to wear face coverings in public areas and shops. We are aware that some parents choose to provide their children with face coverings when travelling. If your child wears a face covering, please remove before entering the school grounds. We are unable to dispose of face coverings in school. Please do not ask your child to store their face covering in their pocket because this presents a contamination risk. Government guidelines state that primary schools will not be expected to use face coverings in school unless the school meets stage 3/4 of their control strategy. The decision to change the rule would be made by the local authority and national health organisations. Parents would be informed prior to this change. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-in-education/face-coverings-in-education

Track and Trace

The government requires us to communicate to parents and visitors that we will be fully complying with the track and trace system. If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 with connection to the school will be expected to fully co-operate with track and trace requirements. 

Hygiene and Medical Information

Pupils, visitors and staff are expected to clean their hands on entry to school. Hand sanitizer will be used at set times throughout the day such as lunch times, play times, following an activity. Pupils will be given instruction when they return to school about this process. We are confident that this will become second nature. All classes have been organised so that social distancing can be maintained as much as possible in line with government guidance. Furniture has been removed to create space. Pupils will only come into contact with pupils within their bubble/zone. Large gatherings will not take place e.g. worship, celebration assemblies, singing, dining hall. High touch pupil equipment will be cleaned regularly during the day, as will door surfaces, tables etc. Toilets will be monitored and cleaned more regularly. Home reading books will be quarantined following return to school for the recommended period before being allocated to another child. Each bubble has their own playground equipment which is cleaned at the end of the day. 

Staff will continue to administer first aid and medicines as per the school policy. Staff will wear PPE when administering first aid or intimate care to reduce the risk of bodily fluid being shared. We will continue to follow our intimate care policy as published here. Staff will continue to wear gloves and aprons and additionally a face shield. 

Vulnerable pupils

Pupils with medical needs should have a risk assessment and medical plan in place. If you have not received a call from Mrs Coles (SEND Lead) and arranged this before the holiday, please contact school to make an appointment. All children are expected in school unless there is a valid medical reason under the government guidelines and a doctors letter to support it. If you are unsure please contact school before Monday 7th September. 

Travelling to and from school

If you travel to and from school via public transport or taxi. Please make sure you adhere to government guidance and wear face coverings and ensure social distancing is adhered to. 

Pupils who attend other settings

Where possible we ask parents to reduce the number of different settings that your child attends to support us in reducing the risk of Corona Virus spreading. If your child attends a child minders, after school activity e.g. dance, gymnastics clubs or religious settings, please check that these places are following government guidance on health and safety, social distancing and track and trace procedures. All non school settings should be following Covid government guidelines. If you think they are not please alert us. If a case of Covid-19 is confirmed in any of these places we must be alerted. For information regarding school procedures following a report of a possible case of Covid-19 in school, please click here.

Contacting school

If you have concerns, want to share some information with your class teacher, ask a question or need to meet with a member of staff please phone the school office. Please do not visit the school office without an invitation. Visitors to school are closely controlled and minimised where possible. However, we do not want you to feel isolated or worried. Where possible we will help you via telephone  or video call. If you need to come into school please make an appointment via telephone and you will be provided with our visitor risk assessment and track and trace information. 


Our main form of communication with parents is through class dojo. This is a phone app which parents have their own login details for. New parents will be given their login details at the start of term. You can message your teacher via this app and teachers will post information to parents either as a whole class or on an individual basis. It is a good way to keep up to date with what is going on or just ask a question. School newsletters are posted on dojo and on the school website. Parents are asked to provide an email address so that we can send class reports and forms which need completing to minimise touch. We will phone you if we need to report any concerns about your child.