What happens if we have a possible Covid case?

If your child or anyone in your family shows symptoms of Covid-19 you must stay at home and get tested. 

Symptoms of Covid- 19 include

Loss of taste and smell

High temperature

New and persistent cough

It is always better to ask if you are not sure. Please call the school office if you are unsure what to do and we will advise.

If you call school you will be asked

  1. Have you taken your child's temperature with a thermometer?
  2. What symptoms does your child have? Do they have more than 1 symptom?
  3. When did the symptoms start?
  4. Has your child been in contact with anyone who has had a Covid test with a positive result in the last 14 days?

If you are advised to have a test, your family will have to self isolate until the results of your test are returned. This includes any siblings who also attend the school. 

A positive test result 

The child/ adult with the positive test must self isolate for 10 days. 

Siblings and other family members must self isolate for 14 days. 

A negative test result

The child/adult with a negative test result must stay away from school if they are too unwell to return. Please discuss with school. 

Siblings and other family members can continue as normal. 

Positive test result in school

If there was a positive Covid test result in school the headteacher would alert Public Health England and they would advise on next steps.