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Shipley C.E. Primary School

Nurturing Creative Thinking for Life Long Learning

Please note that we have nursery places available. Please call the office on 01274 583900. Have a look at our remote learning leaflet for parents within policies.


 Blended Curriculum 

In the current pandemic a blended curriculum is important now more than ever. At Shipley, the learning within our classrooms is closely linked to the blended curriculum approach. 

A priority for 2020-21 is to educate our parents and pupils in a blended curriculum which can be delivered successfully whether a child is in school full time, part time or non of the time. 

To ensure that this approach is successful we work closely with our families to encourage them to access and engage learning online. Therefore, if your child needs to be at home for a period of time, they will still be able to access high quality education. 

For our blended learning curriculum to be successful, we need our parents to fully understand their role in supporting their children to access the learning online and the benefits of a blended curriculum.

This year we are offering some online learning for parents to become informed about what a blended curriculum is, what involvement parents will have, how our blended learning curriculum will be introduced and long term expectation. We will also discuss Shipley Primary Schools recovery curriculum and long term curriculum as part of these sessions. 

Meetings will take place via google meet on the following dates. 

Tuesday 22nd September 7pm- Recovery Curriculum

Tuesday 29th September 7pm- Blended Curriculum

Tuesday 10th November 7pm- Long Term Curriculum

Tuesday 12th January 7pm- Blended Learning and homework

We recognise that some families do not have access to IT facilities at home. If you are one of these families, please let us know. Blended learning is possible for everyone. 

Blended Learning Approach at Shipley

Blended learning is a way of  learning which combines online learning resources with in person instruction, creating a more personalised learning approach.

Shipley’s blended learning curriculum links closely with Shipley Pedagogy. It is focused on teaching of foundational skills (essential knowledge and vocabulary) and exploring conceptual knowledge (broader concepts) using a blended approach.


Learning is structured in the following way.

Lesson approach-

Assess               Teach/model               Explore/discover                Prove it


Assess and teach stages in this model can be accessed through technology. Staff are encouraged to plan resources for these stages which are shared via google drive. Students working remotely can then access this learning at their own level, at their own pace and in their own time.


At the explore and discover stage pupils would access an online google lesson. This can be face to face over technology or through messaging. At the explore and discover stage the teacher coaches individuals using quality questioning, challenge thinking, encourage making connections. It is collaborative and exploritative. 


At the prove it stage pupils work independently and it is used to assess success. The outcome can be posted online for teachers to access.


Staff can use resources published by outside agencies such as oak academy, BBC bitesize, literacy shed or they can create their own bespoke resources.


Why this approach?

Some or all of the learning can be made available outside class time. If a child is learning remotely, learning can take place at any time, at a level appropriate for the child and at any pace.

Learning in school can be accelerated if the child achieves stage 1 at home and are well prepared for the collaborative learning session (explore and discover). Parents are able to access the learning that their child is doing and therefore the child’s learning can be supported if they need to consolidate or need extra help.

Teachers are able to assess more effectively and focus on gaps in children’s understanding. Pupils learning can be accelerated/ supported more effectively. Learning is coaching focused and more personalised.


Shipley’s mission statement is ‘Nurturing Creative thinking for life-long learning’

Life- long learners have the skills to communicate effectively, make connections in their learning and have a sense of community and belonging. This approach provides the essential skills and knowledge to achieve this by providing the platform for creative, collaborative teaching and learning which has been proven to be an effective teaching style. (EEF)


How will impact be measured?

Impact will be measured through daily assessment and pre and post assessments using pixl and RWI assessments. SEND pupils achievement will be monitored using the schools small steps tracking documentation.

Parental survey will be used post action plan delivery.