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Each unit of work in our curriculum has an important part to play in supporting our pupils to acquire the important knowledge they need to prepare them for their next phase of education.  

Our Curriculum Overview

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By the end of Y6 we want our pupils to:-

  • Know where globally significant places are in relation to one another.
  • Know where West Yorkshire and Bradford are in relation to the UK and the world.
  • Know what the important geographical features of Yorkshire are and where they are located.
  • Know and understand some of the processes that have created physical features such as mountains, rivers, cliffs and beaches.
  • Know and understand some of the processes that give rise to human features such as villages, towns, cities, agricultural and how these processes are interdependent.
  • Know how to collect information to help them to gain understanding of the geography of an area.
  • Know how to interpret a range of information; for example, maps, globes, aerial photographs and diagrams.
  • Know how to present geographical information in a variety of ways; for example, maps, diagrams, charts and through writing at length.

How can you help at home?

Ways you might help your child to get a head start in Geography;

  • Teach your child to use different kinds of maps, atlases and digital software such as Google Earth to locate countries and places of interest;
  • Teach your child the names of the countries of the United Kingdom; England (capital city London), Northern Ireland (capital city Belfast), Scotland (capital city Edinburgh) and Wales (capital city Cardiff);
  • Teach your child that we live in Shipley, which is a district of Bradford; an important city in England;
  • Take your child on visits to different geographical locations; it helps your child if they can recognise the similarities and differences between different geographical locations.