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Each unit of work in our curriculum has an important part to play in supporting our pupils to acquire the important knowledge they need to prepare them for their next phase of education.  

Our Curriculum Overview

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By the end of Y6 we want our pupils to:-

  • Be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; through practise over time, have developed understanding of key mathematical concepts and be able to recall and apply their knowledge rapidly and accurately.

  • Reason mathematically; be able to follow a line of enquiry, infer relationships between elements of mathematics, and develop their arguments, justifications and proofs using mathematical language.

  • Solve problems; by applying their mathematics to increasingly complex problems; by breaking problems down into a series of simpler steps, and by persevering until they have found the solution.

How can you help at home?

Ways you might help your child to get a head start in Mathematics;

  • Play games that involve maths skills - dice games, card games etc.
  • Bring maths into every day activities - counting the cutlery when setting the table; looking at the clock to tell the time; handling money - adding small amounts of money when shopping and calculating the change. 
  • There are lots of online activities and apps that help children to learn number facts; these support your child's fluency. 
  • Make sure your child knows all their multiplication tables to 12 by the end of Y4. 
  • useful sites to support families with mathematics