Supporting children with SEND

at Shipley CE Primary

At Shipley CE,  we believe that all children with Special Educational Needs must have their needs recognised and assessed, through a whole-school approach, with appropriate and timely intervention put in place through an assess, plan, do, review cycle.   We intend to ensure that all children receive a high-quality and ambitious education regardless of need or disability. We believe that it is vital that we nurture creative thinking for lifelong learning so that our pupils are equipped with the tools needed to become independent, inquisitive learners both in and out of the classroom.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Identifying specific needs and providing quality provision for all our children

Children with an identified need will be given short term achievable targets (SMART) which ensure that small steps in progress are continually being made. To identify children's next steps, we use the 'Foundational Skills' documents below. Using the following supporting documents, teachers are able to assess a child's strengths in each area and the identify their next steps. 


Writing Foundational Skills document- click here

Reading Foundational Skills document- click here

Maths Foundational Skills document- click here