At Shipley CE Primary School, we provide all children with scientific knowledge and understanding of the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We work hard to ensure our children have access to a rich and varied scientific curriculum that both meets their needs but also seeks to challenge them. Our belief is that all pupils should be taught the skills of working scientifically and the essential aspects of the knowledge and use of science comes through this work. All this while widening our children’s horizons and equipping them with the skills and the knowledge required to understand the huge influence that science has, both today and for the future.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Here is our intent, implementation and impact document for Science:

Long Term Planning

 Here is our long term planning for Science: 

Progression in Science

How can you help at home?

Bradford has a wealth of museums to support your child's scientific knowledge and interest.

Visit the National Science and Media Museum's web site at:-   

Visit the Thackray medical museum in Beckett Street Leeds:- 

Our children are fascinated by the world around them.  Scientific enquiry is focused on observation and looking for patterns. Help your child by fostering curiosity and engaging them in raising questions about their observations.  Your local library is full of books that can help you to support your child to find answers to the scientific questions they have.