Diversity and Inclusion

At Shipley CE, we are fully committed to inclusion and diversity. Children are taught about the protected characteristics from EYFS to Y6 and develop an understanding of their importance in modern day Britain. All members of our school community are welcomed and valued with high expectations embedded across the curriculum irrespective of race, creed, gender or disability. Our Christian, yet universal school values, further exemplify this commitment to inclusion. Our school environment celebrates the diversity of pupils and families in school and the opportunities presented to children which enable them to recognise and respect difference and foster positive attitudes and relationships.


Alongside our Shipley values and vision, we embody the ICARE principles to ensure all pupils are given the same chances in life. Take a look at our INCLUSION charters for EYFS and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. children have been consulted to develop an understanding of what inclusion looks like at Shipley CE Primary. Children have therefore been given greater ownership of these values and how they contribute to all pupils having equal opportunities in their learning and wider development.

As part of our work on equity, diversity and inclusion, we were awarded the Diversity Mark Bronze Award in July 2023. Take a look at our report to find out more about what we do as a school to promote inclusion and what our pupils, staff, parents and governors say about inclusion at Shipley.