RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education)

At Shipley CE Primary, within the PSHE curriculum, children develop an understanding of their bodies and how and why they change as they go through puberty while developing an understanding of healthy relationships. Take a look on our policy page to read our Relationships Policy which gives further information about our approach to RSHE.

Click on the links below which detail the RSE journey children take whilst attending Shipley CE Primary. Sessions are delivered throughout the year as part of the PSHE curriculum. We also participate in national campaigns such as NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe, NSPCC It's Not Okay and NSPCC PANTOSAURUS as well as workshops delivered by SCARF.

EYFS     Key Stage 1      Lower Key Stage 2      Upper Key Stage 2

Parents are recognised as children's primary educators for RSHE. Take a look at the document below for useful links which provide resources designed to help children navigate the emotional and physical changes that take place during puberty. We recommend that you watch them first, so you are prepared for any questions. 

What you do to help develop your children's understanding of RSE at an age appropriate level?

  • Draw around bodies and label using family names and correct names for body parts.
  • Share Talk PANTS with your children.
  • What's in the bag? Collect household items linked to puberty and change to discuss with your children e.g. deodorant, sanitary products, shower gel, washing powder, body sprays.
  • Anonymous Question Box to enable children to ask questions which they may not be able to verbalise.
  • RSE TV Bingo - Watch TV with your child and identify any remarks which are stereotypical or demonstrate unhealthy attitudes within relationships.

Take a look at the DfE Guide for Understanding Relationships and Health Education in primary schools: