Welcome to Year 2. 

We are Beech Class!

The adults in Beech Class are Mrs Cowen and Miss Hargreaves.



What are we learning about this half term (Summer 2)?

In Maths, we will be further exploring geometry through position and direction. We will be focusing upon using positional language to describe the movement of shapes. We will also be creating patterns using shapes.

In English, we will be exploring the story Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine. Our Reciprocal Reading lessons will allow us to explore stories with similar themes in which the main characters are kings or queens.

In PHSE, we will be identifying feelings and understanding the different ways in which we can manage these feelings.

In Computing, we will be exploring digital music. We will listening to different pieces of music, evaluating them and identifying how they make us feel and what they make us think of. We will then be creating our own music using digital keyboards and drum kits.

In History, we will be reflecting on the Jubilee Celebrations by investigating the similarities and the differences between Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 11. We will be having a Kings and Queen Theme Day.

In Science, we will be continuing our learning on the life cycle of plants.

In RE, we will be answering the question - "What do Christians believe God is like?" and recording our ideas through a spider web mind map.

In PE, we will be participating in various athletic activities. We are also looking forward to Sports Day!

Take a look at our Curriculum Year Group Plan to find out what else we will be learning about in Year 2 this year. Remember you can find the knowledge organisers for each unit on class dojo – please share these with your children and discuss the key vocabulary!


What have we been learning about last half term (Summer 1)?

In Maths, we developed our knowledge of fractions and measure.

In English, we explored the story Orion and the Dark. Our Reciprocal Reading lessons allowed us to explore stories with similar themes in which the characters were also afraid of the dark including The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark and The Monster Who Ate Darkness.

In PHSE, we discussed what helps us to grow and stay healthy. We found out about making healthy life style choices and the ways in which we can balance our screen time with other fun and exciting activities.

In Computing, we created pictograms.

In Geography, we investigated differences between living in Bradford and Islamabad. This included identifying the key geographical features (human and physical) and comparative studies with Pakistan using Digimap. 

In Science, we found out about the environment through developing key scientific enquiry skills. We created an exciting leaflet to demonstrate the different ways in which we can protect and conserve the environment. 

In RE, we explored Judaism. We found out where Jewish people worship and what life is like for Jewish children.

In PE, we learnt a range of target games.

What were we learning about last half term (Spring 2)?

In Maths, we developed our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape, using key vocabulary to describe their properties.

In English, we explored the story The Last Wolf by Mimi Grey. As part of this learning, we participated in an art workshop with the art specialist, Mr Bullock. We refined our pencil and painting skills in order to create fairytale landscapes and villainous big bad wolves!.

In PHSE, we discussed what helps us to stay safe. We also participated in a SCARF workshop about talked about how our feelings change and can be managed. Additionally, we participated in consent workshops from the PSHE Association in which we discussed the importance of asking for permission and saying no when we feel uncomfortable in a situation.

In History, we investigated The Great Fire of London. We created some collages of the Great Fire as well as writing a diary entry in the role of Samuel Pepys.

In RE, we explored the importance of Easter celebrations for Christians and worked with EYFS and Y1 to present an Easter Celebration to parents and carers.

In PE, we focused on developing our invasion skills through participating in games such as football, rugby, hockey and handball.

What were we learning about in Spring 1?

In Maths, we developed our key skills in multiplication and division skills. By the end of the half term, we were able to recall our 2, 5 and 10 timestable facts with fluency! In English, we were exploring the text The Flower. Our initial hook was based upon the vibrant and eye-catching artwork of Georgia O'Keeffe. For our endpoint, we wrote a letter in the role of Brigg (the main character).

In PHSE, we developed our understanding of our local community and finding out about the different roles people have in society. We explored the traits and characteristics needed for jobs within the local community and the wider world.

In Computing, we explored the importance of online safety and our online reputation. We found out about what we can and can't share online and how this information can be used by others. We also participated in Safer Internet Day.

In Geography, we have been building upon our understanding of the local area (Shipley and Saltaire) and finding out about Bradford and what makes it such an incredible and interesting place to live. We have been using DigiMaps to locate key physical and human features. We can't wait to take a trip via the train to Bradford to explore City Park and the National Photography Museum later on in the year.

In Science, we found out about looking after our bodies and created a persuasive poster to promote healthy life-style giving hints and tips to help look after our bodies,

In RE, we answered the question 'What good news did Jesus bring?"

At the end of the half term, we took part in DT Dazzle Days finding out about healthy eating and developing some delicious recipes! We made a scrumptious fruit salad.

Important Information:

PE: Monday 

Library: Tuesday

Spellings: Friday

Reading Books: Friday