Welcome to Year 5. 

We are Chestnut Class!

The adult in Chestnut Class are Miss Moore and Mrs Brown.

What will we be learning about in Autumn 2?

In Maths, we are developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction, learning both mental strategies and the formal methods. We are problem solving through our explore tasks to gain a deeper understanding.

In English, we will explore the text Hidden Figures and discover how the main characters challenge stereotypes.

In History, we will investigate how transport has changed over time. We will explore the effects of the Industrial Revolution and the importance of this on life today. 

In RE, we will answer the question, "Was Jesus the Messiah?" We will think carefully about the idea of a 'Messiah' or 'Saviour' and the importance of this within Jewish culture. 

In PSHE, we will be finding out about money management and the different things we could do with our money including saving, spending and investing. 

In Art, we will refine our pencil skills and experiment with how line can be used to show texture, movement and tone.

In Science, we will link our learning to our English text and explored Earth and Space.


Take a look at our Curriculum Year Group Plan to find out what else we will be learning about in Year 5 this year. Remember you can find the knowledge organisers for each unit on class dojo – please share these with your children and discuss the key vocabulary!

What did we learn about in Autumn 1?

In Maths, we developed our knowledge of place value. We explored numbers up to 1,000,000.

In English, we explored the text War Game in preparation for the summer term in which we will be learning about life during World War 2. We participated in drama activities to explore the characters feelings when sent to war. We also used descriptive language to describe what life was like in the trenches. We composed poems to share feelings and emotions associated with war and peace. Our final write at the end of the unit was a letter home recounting wartime experiences. Our class story, Armistice Runner, has linked in with this learning and allowed us to explore different perspectives. 

In Science, we explored the topic 'Forces' through the question 'How can Usain Bolt run so quickly?' We investigated friction, air resistance, gravity and the forces that act upon us all the time.

In RE, we thought about the question, 'How do religions help people live through good and bad times?' We explored the concept of afterlife and reincarnation as means of providing comfort during difficult and challenging times.

In PHSE, we answered the question 'What makes up a person's identity?' We learnt about diversity within our school community and the wider world exploring ethnicity, faith and culture. We also found out about the different ways we can challenge stereotypes using texts like The Proudest Blue and Julian is a Mermaid.

In Computing, we answered the question 'Can you create a shared project?' and explored different systems and learning about the input and output of electronic devices.

In Geography, we answered the question 'What makes the earth angry?' Our topic helped us to find out about natural hazards and disasters including volcanoes and earthquakes. We used our research skills to create a leaflet presenting our findings. 

In DT, we answered the question, "How can you make sure your pencil case holds items safely?" We conducted product research and target audience questionnaires to design and create the perfect pencil case.

As part of our learning in Autumn 1, we also visited Nell Bank on a 2 day residential in which we developed our team building skills, resilience and independence. We had a fantastic time!

Important Information:

PE: Tuesday (swimming)

Library: Wednesday

Spellings: Monday

Reading Books: Friday