Welcome to Year 5. 

We are Chestnut Class!

The adult in Chestnut Class is Miss Drake.

What are we learning about in Summer 2?

In Maths, we are developing our knowledge of decimals and also starting to learn about percentages. By the end of the half term, we are aiming to be able to add and subtract decimals and calculate with percentages. 

In English, we are exploring the text Anne Frank. We will read the to link to our History topic about WWII. We will build up our grammar skills to be able to write a diary from Anne Frank's perspective.

In Science, we are exploring the topic 'Animals including humans' through the question 'How do human bodies change?' We will be investigating changes that happen from being a baby to old age.

In RE, we will be thinking about the questions 'What does it mean for Christians if God is holy and loving?' We will look at the qualities that Christians believe God has such as omnipotent and

In PHSE, we are answering the question 'What jobs would we like?' We will be learning about the career options we have and which types of jobs would suit us. 

In Computing, we will be starting to learn about vector drawing and the question 'Can you create a drawing?' 

In History, we are answering the question 'What were we fighting for in World War 2?' Our topic will look at the countries involved in WW2, the living conditions and the soldiers. We are also going on our WW2 evacuee day to Murton Park! 

Take a look at our Curriculum Year Group Plan to find out what else we will be learning about in Year 5 this year. Remember you can find the knowledge organisers for each unit on class dojo – please share these with your children and discuss the key vocabulary!

Important Information:

PE: Tuesday (swimming)

Library: Wednesday

Spellings: Monday

Reading Books: Friday