Nursery - Seedlings

Welcome to Seedlings Class!

The adults in Seedlings Class are Mrs Pellant and Mrs Parker.

The Seven Areas of Learning

Communication and Language is key in EYFS and we will develop this through quality conversations, a language rich environment and provide extensive opportunities to try and embed new vocabulary.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) is crucial for children to lead healthy and happy lives, and helps them to learn.

Physical Development is through gross and fine motor skill experiences which develop strength, co-ordination and the ability to write.

Literacy is crucial for children to develop a life long love for reading. This leads to the children becoming independent readers and writers.

Mathematics allows children to develop a strong grounding in number which is essential so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically.

Understanding the World involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community.

Expressive Arts and Design involves the development of artistic and culture awareness which supports their imagination and creativity.


What are we learning about this half term?

This half term our topic is 'Our Wonderful World.'

In communication and Language, we will be using language relating to our wonderful world, animals, habitats and winter.

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development, we will be learning to follow the rules and routines in our nursery. The children will develop their independence skills to use the resources. We will talk about what makes us feel happy and sad.

In Physical Development, we will sing action songs. We will practice our fine motor skills in the continuous provision areas and our gross motor skills outside.  

In Literacy, we are exploring the text 'Owl's Winter Rescue' and 'What a Wonderful World.' We will be writing lists, labels and cards. In phonics we will explore rhyme and learn the rhymes 'I'm a Little Snowman' and 'London Bridge.'

In Mathematics, we are learning to count to 5. We will describe patterns, 2D shapes and use positional language.

In Understanding the World, we will learn about the weather and what we wear in the winter. We will look at what we can see in Shipley and beyond. We will learn about the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

In Expressive Arts and Design, we will be explore how to mix different colours and make models of different buildings.